When a tank container is damaged, you want to have it back in use as soon as possible. We repair all types of tank containers, liquid and gas tank containers. We carry out the repairs in accordance with your criteria and the ITCO standard.

Additional services with repairs:

  • Cargo transfer and interim storage
  • Cleaning of both liquid and gas tank containers
  • Test, periodic inspection and maintenance
  • Carry out modifications
  • Transport tank container to and from our site
  • Refurbishment of interior and exterior

Beforehand we make clear agreements about the services you purchase and the turnaround time. In our workshop certified welders restore the structure of the tank and/or the frame.

Your benefits:

  • Full service: plus transport from your tank container and interim storage.
  • Efficient and practical: all services from one location.
  • Cost-saving: we do everything from one location.
  • Your tank container is quickly operational again.

Learn more about how to repair your tank container?
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