Your tank containers are still good but no longer meet your requirements. We modify the containers so they can be used for several more years or for a different type of cargo. Examples of modifications:

Liquid tanks

  • Assembly reefer units
  • Assembly heating units (electrical)
  • Assembly ground control overhead crane
  • GPS assembly
  • Installation of baffles

Gas tanks

  • Fitting special gaskets (related to product)
  • Fitting dry break couplings

Beforehand we make clear agreements about the services you purchase, the price and the turnaround time. Following your approval, we schedule the tank and start with the modification. Our internally trained experts modify the tank container in accordance with your requirements in our workshop. Customers can download estimates, images etc. from our website.

Your benefits:

  • Full service: plus transport from your tank container and interim storage.
  • Efficient and practical: all services from one location.
  • Cost-saving: we do everything from one location.
  • Your tank container is quickly operational again.

Learn more about modifying your tank container?
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