It is time for the 2.5 or 5-yearly re-inspection of your tank container. We can combine this with maintenance and any modifications or a complete refurbishment of your tank container. We arrange inspection and maintenance of all types of tank containers, both liquid and gas tank containers. Full and empty.

Additional services with periodic inspection:

  • Maintenance tank container
  • Carry out modifications
  • Carry out renovations
  • Nitrogen flushing
  • Cleaning (EFTCO) tank container
  • Transport tank container to and from our site

Beforehand we make clear agreements about the services you purchase and the turnaround time. At our inspection station trained experts perform thorough internal inspections in accordance with your preferences and the latest safety and quality requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Full service: plus transport from your tank container and interim storage.
  • Efficient and practical: all services from one location.
  • Cost-saving: we do everything from one location.
  • Your tank container is quickly operational again.

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